Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lucas' 6 months update

I know I didn't do many of these with Emilia but really wish I had, as it would have been nice to compare Lucas' early days and months with hers and see if all the screaming, crying and eating was normal.
In our memory, Emilia was a happy easygoing baby, but I know that we also had trouble with over eating and terrible napping.

21lbs(she was 19lbs15oz)

This is a tricky one...we've been suspecting since the early days that he could be having a mild intolerance to dairy as he's been congested since birth and has mild eczema that just won't clear. I think if things don't improve soon, I will be pushing to try dairy free formula with our doctor. (buying it out of pocket isn't possible)

we don't seem to be nickname people, but he gets called grumpy pants quite a bit.

currently attempting to get him used to solids, we started at 5.5 months as we have a big trip planned for when he's 6.5 months old and I thought it could be handy if he was used to eating.
It's going ok but he still wants just as much milk as before, which is 5-6 6oz bottles of formula in a 24 hour period.

He's been exclusively formula fed since 3 months old and I stopped beating myself up about it. It was all a bit of a struggle in the early days, I got mastitis 2 weeks after giving birth so that didn't help with our breastfeeding journey and I exclusively pumped for 2 months after that.

We started putting him to bed at a normal bedtime when he was 7 weeks old and he goes to sleep between 7-8pm. He usually wakes up once at night for a feed and then sleeps until 7am.
He has his first nap at 9/10am, then another one at 1pm and a final one at 5/5:30. He's currently transitioning from 3 to 2 naps so trying to stretch his awake time a bit.

Size 4(which would be size 3 in the US)

9-12 months

At 3 months we were doing 3 baby classes per week, but it was all a little bit too much to fit in with Emilia's preschool pick ups, so now we are only doing one 'sensory' class per week, which we both enjoy.
One of the mums I met in my classes has a 4 year old boy who will attend the same same school as Emilia in September, which will be nice.

His sister, he absolutely loves her. Nobody gets the big smiles that she gets.
Looking in the mirror

We joke that he hates life sometimes ;-)
It's hard to please him most of the time.
The worst thing you can do is to cut his nails. Because he scratches himself a lot I have to try and keep his nails short, but he screams like I'm cutting his fingers off when I only even get close to cutting his nails.

He rolled over a few times at 4 months, then stopped until last week, but still not doing it often and still gets his arm stuck.
Not close at all to sitting up.

I put on 20lbs in pregnancy and lost 28lbs by the time he was 2 weeks old, so I was happy with that. But just like with Emilia, weight slowly crept back up and I am now back to pre-pregnancy weight. Not happy with my shape now after 2 babies and really should do some toning up.

I lost a lot of blood during the birth and it took me a bit to feel normal again, though I thought it was a great idea to attend a third birthday party 6 days post partum.
I lost less hair after I stopped breastfeeding this time, but maybe that had to do with the fact that my hair didn't get as 'thick' in pregnancy like it did the first time around.

Fun things we did:
Last month I travelled to Germany with the children, on my own. Not sure that would be considered fun, maybe more challenging but it was nice for my mum and friends to see Lucas.

What we are looking forward to:
We're leaving for Florida in 2 days!

What we are not looking forward to:
a 10 hour flight with a baby on my lap

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